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When you begin to shit in a toilet, and the water splashes up and touches your butthole.
I jizzed when I took a shit and got a Poseidon's kiss.
by Dickbutt March 10, 2012

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An Alaskan Cream Pie is the act of pulling out of the woman's vagina as you're about to blow, then pouring alcohol on the penis and setting it on fire before putting it back into the woman and cumming inside of her.
I was fucking my ex violently for revenge, and to put the icing on the cake, I gave her a good ol' Alaskan Cream Pie.
by dickbutt April 03, 2012

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On point of ejaculation, a man screams "DICKDOODLE" and tries as he comes to draw an amusing image on the womans face, with his mess.
1. OMG Dave, I totally dickdoodled Janet last night.
Hly sht seriously?

2. Dave I can't believe you screwed my woman. You're such a dickdoodle.
by DICKBUTT March 23, 2008

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When your girl is clumsy but its hot so you want to fuck her and fill her with your cum
that's my clummy
by DiCkBuTt January 28, 2020

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When a woman flashes her outer labia at a vulnerable male who has his dick in his hand.
That lady's coercion distracted me so bad I shit pissed on my new kicks
via giphy
by DiCkBuTt December 06, 2019

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The act of eating the remnants after squicking.
As if squicking his victim wasn't heinous enough, the murderer went on to commit squircle after her death.
by DiCkBuTt November 01, 2020

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