When the cops are driving around looking for a certain person(s). When the streets are filled with cops.
Person 1- "Hey ima walk over to the park"
Person 2- "No dont, its hot right now"
Person 1- "How come?"
Person 2- "We got in trouble with the police"
by LaurenR October 29, 2007
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It`s extremely hot outside and could possibly resemble to the temperature in hell.
" Man its hot as hell out here!"
by PandaPo April 6, 2014
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A favourite catchphrase from everyones favourite spaz The Bo
it is used to point out something blatantly obvious after someone has made a mistake, much simmilar to saying mind your head after someone bangs there head.

this paticular line originated when The Bo pointed out that metal gets hot when heated after someone burnt there hand on an iron bar that had just been in a furnace

this phrase is used in multiple situations,example such as course its not sharp its a football and course its cold, it ice
person 1#Shit! thats hot
Bo# Course its hot its a metal
by The Local Bo-watch July 6, 2008
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to dance by dropping your ass to the ground in a fast motion.
that girl was popping it like it was hot in the club last night.
by David Young May 25, 2005
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A word originated by Lil' Wayne from the Cash Money Millionaires. He said it first on the song "Back that ass up" with Juvenile. It has 2 meanings to it. The first meaning to it means to get down and dirty on the dance floor, referring to a girl. The other meaning is to rob someone of thier belongings.
"After you back it up don't stop, dr-dr-drop, drop it like its hot" -juvenile ft. Manny Fresh and Lil' Wayne "Back That Ass Up"

"Nigga this a jackmove foo, drop it like it's hot, gimme all yo fucken money nigga"
by Howard Tan January 1, 2006
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A phrase of unknown origin that describes a girl dropping her azz down low to the floor. Heard by Jay-Z on his 1996 album Reasonable Doubt for the song "Cashmere Thoughts."
Baby, while you're grabbing me that beer, drop it like its hot.
by discdeviant September 8, 2010
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To drop that ass on the floor and get it krunk.Also a song by snoop dogg
when da pimps in da crib ma:
Drop it like itz hot(repeat 3x)
When them pigs try to get u:
park it like its hot(repeat 3x)
And if a nigga get a attitude:
pop it like its hot (repeat 3x)
by sexybitch January 26, 2005
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