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A guy takes a dump on a woman while she is covered by plastic wrap as part of a sex act. See also, "Hot Carl" and "Cold Carl."
by Deuce September 24, 2003

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A Special Blended Drink That Native People (Generally Residing In Canada) Drink To "Trip-Out." It Is Brewed From Windex, Or Window Cleaner Mixed With Some Water And Or Milk.
Eh boy, we got pretty mess on dat old cloud!
Weenuck! that was some wicked old cloud
by Deuce June 23, 2004

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Legion of fobs--as in a large group of Fobs (see fob) Like "fob" mostly asian.

fairly new term, coined in canada.
-Hey is Chan new at school?
-yeah but he new to Canada, he'll likely hang around with other immigrants
-yeah he'll join the Legion of fobs.
by Deuce January 23, 2004

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an unusually largly rollen marijuana cigarette, usually rolled with an extra large paper or 2 or more regular sized papers stuck together.
i like skinny bitches but ill never turn down a fatty, bitch.
by DEUCE February 23, 2005

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(n)a phrase or sentence used to convey an emotion, intention, feeling, or thought different from one being shown.
"I like you alot. Psyche Out!"
"I'm sick of sex. Psyche Out!"
by Deuce May 07, 2005

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a big fat ugly bitch, possibly with fake hair, a swamp donkey
Damn that bitch is a karnov
by deuce March 14, 2004

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a fine descriptive for the penis, usually reserved for conversations with blue collar working folk or for tall tales with your friends.
"of course the broad was hot! i had to slap her the doker twice last night!
by deuce October 03, 2003

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