A guy takes a dump on a woman while she is covered by plastic wrap as part of a sex act. See also, "Hot Carl" and "Cold Carl."
by Deuce September 24, 2003
(n.) When a partners shits on you but you are protected by saran wrap.

Also see hot carl and cold carl.
She gave me a hot carl but I didn't have to shower afterwards.
by Mango January 2, 2003
Instead of taking a dump on someone's saran-wrapped face, a warm carl involves taking a dump on someone's face FIRST and THEN wrapping it up with saran wrap. Some people prefer to shit into the saran wrap instead of on his/her face. Either way results in a layer of poo followed by a layer of saran wrap, hence "reverse".

See also "hot carl", "warm carl", and "cold carl".
You: A reverse warm carl is even nastier than a hot carl!
Me: You know SOMEONE has done it.
by Cyrille104 October 27, 2007