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Somebody who copies off everyone else. They ain't got the balls to be themself so they bite off of someone else.
Damn it Eric stop being a biter.
by DennisIsEvil October 11, 2006
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Shoes for people with no taste. They look dorky as hell and are insanely overpriced for the simple fact they are merely molded plastic. The funny thing is nobody would touch these hideous things when they were 5 dollars and sold at hardware stores for gardeners. Once they became insanely over rpiced and were worn by celebs with no taste they sell like hotcakes
Crocs are shoes for people with no taste
by DennisIsEvil September 06, 2009
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Anyone or anything that gets in the way of you getting some. The cock-block can be male,female, or inanimate. Many cock-blocks can't get any themselves so they try to stop somebody else. If they ain't scorin' nobody's scorin'. No scene is too embarassing in their undying quest to prevent your action. If your buddy's a cockblock don't bring him or her.
1. My old boss, Bob is such a cock-block. He won't let any of us guys chat with the female employees.

2. My car was a cock-block. It broke down on my way to the party so I couldn't go and possibly hook-up. I had to wait for the tow-truck to come and tow me home.
by DennisIsEvil February 28, 2006
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Somebody who just cannot mind their own damn business and stirs up trouble. Anytime there's a tenuous peace existing and it looks like a conflict is about to blow over or has come and gone expect some shit disturber to go and restoke the fires.

There are an awful lot of shit disturbers in politics.
by DennisIsEvil May 30, 2008
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Known as Dan "The Beast" Servern, A shoot-fighting bad-ass known for Ultimate Fighting and pro-wrestling. Was NWA heavyweight champion many times. Had an intense rivalry with Ken Shamrock and can put opponents in so many different holds they have to invent new ways to scream.
In a real fight Dan Severn would rip Hulk Hogan's roid ridden arms off and beat him to death with them.
by DennisIsEvil April 18, 2006
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-Manfred Von Richtofen. One of the greatest WW1 aces, Flew a blood red Fokker Tri-plane with the Iron Cross painted on the side. Shot down over 80 Allied aircraft.

-When a girl is having her period.
OH NOOOOO! Run for your lives, men! The red baron is flying into town!
by Dennisisevil October 20, 2005
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Taking a big shit. Often with lots of little chunks.
Jim: Hey Where you goin'?

Joe: I just ate 3 Burritos Bell Grandes and washed `em down with the big ass mountain dew for lunch man where do ya think I'm goin?"

Jim: You're taking the cosby kids to the pool.
by DennisIsEvil April 17, 2006
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