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A black person, generally refering to a young man, who lives in a rural area ("the country") as opposed to living in an urban area ("the city"). Generally used to refer to blacks in the rural "Black Belt" of the U.S. South. The lifestyle is more like that of how blacks lived before moving towards urban centers and the North. Most "country niggas" have lived in rural communities for several generations, most likely as long as or longer than most white people in the South.

The term is used by other black people, generally urban or city black folk, in a non-offensive way, more in a jocular way or simply as a way of identifying the lifestyle (contrasted to an urban one) of other blacks. It's usage is much more common among poor or lower-income black people.
After his dad went to jail, Jamal and his mom moved deep back South. He's a right country nigga now.

Man that country nigga needa learn how the streets work, ya'll gotta be up on your toes to survive here!
by david May 13, 2008
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A black person (usually a male, second-generation african immigrant) who lives in the suburbs and has no relatives or experience of impoverished inner city life, but takes great effort in making a big deal over the fact he's the only "black kid" in his college/school. He will do this by wearing a du-rag and other overly hip-hop items of clothing such as ridiculously low jeans and hoodys (usually top designer brands and expensive.) G-Unit in particular is one of the country niggas favourate brands.

If they are from the UK, they will use American words such as "dawg" and "homie" and will also try to dress like an American M.C by wearing baggy white t-shirts and white du-rags. Always say things like "is it cus I'm black" and "I'm a black guy, I know about these things." These people are, of course, mocked by the real inner-city dwellers, whether they be African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian or white.
My mate is from Southend. He's a right country nigga.
by OiOiBoy July 08, 2006
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