90 definitions by Denis Baldwin

A shot of irish whiskey is poured into a glass of Guinness and and the drink is slammed quickly. Most people think it tastes like chocolate milk and goes down really fast.
After two dozen shots of jager, a pint of The Captain and a shot of Grey Goose, all I needed was a carbomb to set me straight.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
A state of being that embodies the aggrevation of not getting what you want, the zealous nature of your lust, the unconditional love you know is possible, the repetitive beating of your head against the glass and the euphoric feeling that rushes to the head with you realize you might finally get what you've always wanted.

Unconditonal Live
Repetitive beating of the head
I've been in a state of Azuration since the moment I met her.
by Denis Baldwin February 11, 2004
Tattoo artist from California that revolutionized the tattooing community today. When people think of "traditional" tattoos, they think of Sailor Jerry's work.
When I was in Cali, I picked up a print of some original flash by sailor jerry.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
Big Beaver is the actual name of a road (sometimes called "16 Mile") in Detroit, Michigan. The ironic part is that along I-75, the road is Exit 69.
Dude, you're gonna miss the exit onto Big Beaver! How can you forget it's number 69?
by Denis Baldwin June 30, 2004

A dark stout beer of Irish origin. It drinks like a meal, thick and consistent.
Another round of Guinness for my brothers!
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
glass, yank, crank, speed, up, push, ice, rock.

Any methanphetamine based central nervous system stimulant.
You've got your big jeans. I got my glass pipe.
by Denis Baldwin September 24, 2003
A saying made famous by freestyle rapper Sage Francis, a Makeshift Patriot is someone who only is patriot when they have to be.
Where were all the flags before 9-11?
by Denis Baldwin June 3, 2004