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A term used for endearment. What a girlfriend calls her boyfriend. A girl will call you wonderboy because she cares about you & she believes you can do anthing. You may be flawed, but she still sees you as her hero.
Girl: Hey Wonderboy

Boy: What up Pincess!? :)
Girl: :)
by SillyBrunette February 18, 2012
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Tenacious D creation. Uses mind-bullets (telekinesis) and 'fills the crevasse with his magic juice'.
Wonderboy! What is the secret of your power? Wonderboy! Won't you take me far away from the mucky-muckiness?
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 16, 2003
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an elite athletic organization originating in rockville, maryland. This organization has a monopoly on all important sports.
is that kid goin pro? nah, he's goin to wonderboys

the sex was so great it was like having sex with a wonderboy. if only...

woooo thats a wonderboy!
by kmdwyer21 December 20, 2010
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someone without trying with out thinking draws the female populous by simply being there. He can do no wrong with the ladies no matter how bad his screw ups would be if done by a normal male.
Mother Fucking johny dept is a wonder boy.
by Stephen Cox January 25, 2006
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a low-profile superhero; mentioned in a certain Tenacious D song, he may be found frequenting messageboards, spamming and using "mind bullets" on flamers and n00bs.
"Gee golly, that Wonderboy fellow is quite the chap! Lets invite him to Polo where that gentleman can enjoy a scrumptious bit of tea and crumpets!"
by Charlie Chapman January 02, 2005
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A nick name for the Canadian Hockey player Sidney Crosby. Sidney Crosby's talented play and high performance in critical situations earns him the name wonder boy. The nick name wonder boy plays on the fact that Sidney Crosby is younger than many National Hockey League players but despite his youth he is still one of the most talented players.
Sidney Crosby is an example of a Wonder Boy
by Captain Canuck 600 March 04, 2010
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One who causes others to WONDER about his/her sexual orientation.

-'Wonder Boy' was provided by the creative minds of Saray and Edgardo
"That guy's a Wonder Boy, I'm not sure if he's gay or not."
"Ryan Seacrest is a Wonder Boy."
by Der Führer September 01, 2007
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