breasts which are cone shaped, resembling Tee Pee's.
damn that asian girl has some nice tee pee titties
by ben the devil January 30, 2008
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The hilarious act of throwing wet toilet paper in a public bathroom. The targets are usualy at the ceiling tiles so that it gets wet and grows mold, but can be thrown at walls, stall doors, mirrors, people, ect.

No matter what the target is, its funny as hell, due to the fact that it is sticky and that "Splot" sound it makes when it hits walls.

It is not illegal, but if your caught doing it ESPECIALY at school, you will get in trouble or kicked out of the establishment(Stores only)

Doing this results in lots of laughs, and damage, but becomes highly addicting to the point that you do it every chance you get.

Its easy to get caught, but only if you lack aim, experiance, and skill.
Tanner: This math class is boring as hell!
Luke: Yeah. I should have brought my gun to take myself out of my misery in this damn class!
Andrew: Dont worry, when the next bell rings we can go wet tee-pee the bathroom
Tanner: Great idea!
Luke: Brilliant!!
Old hag ass teacher from china: And the weight of my fat ass+The number of chins i have equals OVER NINE THOUSENDDDDD!!!1
by Milkchat January 01, 2010
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Similar to a Wobbly A, or an Eifel Tower only involving 3 or more guys on one girl and they all high five forming a Tee Pee shape around the girl.
Me and my 4 buddies pulled a Wobbly Tee Pee on the slut.
by Regular Nate March 29, 2005
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term meaning anything from cheating on someone to just going from tent to tent and partying.

Tee-Pee meaning Native american tent usually seen at Pow-wows
Cindy: you going Tee-pee creepin tonight.

Sandy: Oh you know it girl, im gonna get wasted tonight.
by hog333 November 16, 2006
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An individual who has been accused of masterbating while sitting on the well as tucking his penis while looking in the mirror, just to see if he could.
You perverted bastard! You really are a Tee-Pee Tucker!!
by Three B January 26, 2009
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When someone grabs a roll of toilet paper in between each of their pointer fingers, rolls the vehicle window down, and proceeds to let it 'sail' out from the roll and in to the wind.
Taylor screamed as my sailing tee pee flew in to his face, I told him to roll his window up.
by Krowvin January 30, 2011
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