A sexual act involving three people where by the Eiffel Tower position is first assumed. This is then followed by throwing a blanket/sheet over the participants, to reassemble a teepee.

Optional parts:

1. A fire may be lit underneath to create smoke signals with (warning fire hot, so make sure you don't burn yourself).

2. Mimicking an native american war cry (this can be done by most if not all members of the group).
Tom and James teepeed Amy last night, the war cries could be heard all the way down the street.
by Pandafailed February 21, 2013
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When a girl sits on your face while covering your entire body with her dress like a teepee.
She teepeed me at the concert last night. Nobody knew what we were doing until the song was over and she was still moaning.
by teepeelover October 15, 2014
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What is formed when get a woody while wearing boxer shorts. Similar to pitching a tent.
My wife walked into the bedroom with that "fuck me" look in her eyes. All of a sudden I had a teepee in my shorts.
by Crapholio July 27, 2005
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another word for a house, apartment, crib, hizzy or flippity floppity floop.
Aaron - "hey man, where the hell are you at?"
Louie - "Im chillin at the teepee dumbass!"
by t2daP! January 19, 2011
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When a person gets two dicks in the same hole which makes the two dicks form a teepee as they rub together.
Guy#1 "Man we TeePee'd her hard last night!"
Guy#2 "Yeah, I think I got a burn..."
by Erik January 30, 2005
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