A student in a year of highschool or college that is usually called Sophomore year. A pain in the ass or the grade when you realize that you can't be a fat ass on the couch all day
I need to stop going to school because my ass is sore 10th grade
by My Big Stiffy February 13, 2014
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When an entire class is banned from fieldtrips. Usually involves alot of weed hidden in guitars, about 3 bottles of vodka being chucked into a nearby, several kids drunk in the hallways at about 11pm and one of them snitching and getting away with nothing bcs her uncle owns the school.
Did you hear? Gialamas talked to the whole grade.

Yeah, they were 10th Grade Tripped.

by Nina Kaliamvakos February 21, 2019
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A time where kids do nothing productive, and sit around talking or completing their homework. Often they are able to listen to music and do whatever since PE teachers are uncaring.
Everybody: 10th grade PE is such a waste, yet so enjoyable
Murielle: Omg, its Reject Jonas
Henrietta Agumbo Cheeks: AH!

Me: -2
Sierra: Amy is crazy.
Jamba: Uh-oh, here they come
Triple G: Do you have candy?
by GEISHAPONG June 4, 2009
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Going to a school trip and getting caught drinking, smoking, or using drugs. Usually involves snitching and the suspension of students.
All of you guys need to be home by 11. There better not be any 10th Grade Tripping.
by asasasasasas February 20, 2019
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A form of depression that hits as you enter 10th grade, usually stemmed from school/life related stress or the realization that your childhood will soon be over.
Person 1: Omg my bf is being such a dick. What's wrong with him?

Person 2: Give him a break, he's been suffering from the 10th Grade Big Sad (TGBS).
by Yooooo..... April 10, 2019
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a phrase: means there is much love and chemistry between the two lovers.
guy: "i love you, do you love me?"
girl: "well i love you like 10th grade science class..."
guy: "huh, why 10th grade science class?"
girl: "there's so much chemistry."
guy "o-got it.well, I love you like 11th grade science class."
girl :"physics?"
guy: "ya, there's so much potential."
(guy and girl make out like 9th grade science class, biology-life or creating it)
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A phrase to show one's affection to another. 10th grade science class where i come from is CHEMISTRY. If the person that you tell this phrase to asks WHY? Just say "cause there's sooo much chemistry."
Friend 1: "I love you like 10th grade science class..."

Friend 2: "Why?"

Friend 1: "Cause there's sooo much chemistry!"
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