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A game that slowly replaces all your real life friends with fictonal enchanted items and high ranking positions in fictional factions.
"Hi John! I haven't seen you in ages!"
"Yeah i'm all busy running the mages guild and stuff and i'm advancing in house Telvanni you know".
"What the hell are you talking about?"
by Corpsegatherer August 27, 2003
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A dusty world of alien experiences, among the Dark Elves...where tiresome irritants like friends, family, and reality are hardly even relevant. A true Morrowind player will ignore pests like spouses and parents, who do not understand who vital it is to be named the Nerevarine!
"My girlfriend moaned about Morrowind, so I dumped her for sexy Ranis at the Mage Guild."
by Curt Sibling December 17, 2007
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A game that is truly amazing for its scope and things that you can do; a game that you invest three years of your time in and beat Dagoth Ur, become head of the Imperial Legion, Fighter's Guild, House Hlaalu, and East Empire Company, beat the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansion; a game where all of that means your just getting started; and a game that had its entire memory erased along with every other game when my xbox crashed.
Morrowind is one of my favorite games of all time, but I will never play it again because my level 60 character that took three years to build was defeated by technical difficulties with my xbox.

Morrowind did not consume my life, as I was able to maintain good grades and stay involved with sports, but much of my spare time was spent playing it.

I miss Morrowind.
by chadbrochill18 February 24, 2008
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A highly advanced and very effective time travel program. After you turn on Morrowind and play for "a few minutes" you will find yourself magically transported anywhere from 10 hours to 3 days into the future
Normal Person: Hey man, where have you been? You haven't been to class in a few days now...
Morrowind Addict: Can't talk, I just played Morrowind for two days straight and I really need to get some food and use the john.
by Relminator January 30, 2007
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The most awesome and addicting game ever created. Its not the meaning of life, it IS life. All you need is the game, a bag of doritos and a 2 liter of pepsi and nobody will ever see you again. Guaranteed to keep you awake for four days straight.
Haven't been able to stop playing since my boyfriend got me addicted to it three years ago. Now I have the GOTY Edition and my Nord is on the BloodMoon Quest. Woot! Morrowind fucking rules.
by morrowind_addict May 30, 2007
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