15 definitions by Dawn Davenport

The desperate and disgusting practice of searching for discarded partially smoked cigarettes with the intention of either relighting and smoking them, or removing the unused tobacco and rolling them into new cigarettes.
Popular spots for snipe hunting are ashtrays outside non-smoking establishments, the areas under restaurant drive thru windows, bus stops, etc.
by Dawn Davenport January 21, 2005
a word used to describe a homosexual who appears and acts heterosexual, and attracts attention and advances from persons of the opposite sex.
example: Latin pop sensation Ricky Martin.
by Dawn Davenport October 26, 2004
a marijuana cigarette that is poorly rolled, with tapered ends and a rounded enlarged middle section. usually the work of an inexperienced (or already intoxicated) joint roller.
origin is usually credited to Cypress Hill's classic song "Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up".
by Dawn Davenport October 26, 2004
An unwelcome online advertising solicitation placed in a chat room, containing a link to a website offering services such as pornography, money-making scams, prescription drug sales, etc. The links may also be used to spread viruses and spyware.

See also spam and spim.
Hey everybody! <Click here> to find out how to make $5000 a week from your own home! It worked for me!
by Dawn Davenport February 4, 2005
also spelled "feemin'". an intense craving for a drug (most commonly marijuana) when none is available. see also jonesin.
"It's dry right now, and we are all totally feeming".
by Dawn Davenport October 26, 2004
A unwanted post placed on a blog that is used for soliciting purposes. Like spam, spim, spat, and spobile, these messages contain links to websites featuring the usual array of forcibly advertised online services, such as pornography, credit repair, and prescription drug sales. The messages may be made to appear as a comment from an interested reader, stating that the posted link is to a webpage relevant to the current discussion, or an invitation to view the spolgger's own personal blog.
Wow, I totally agree with you. <Click here> to check out my blog.
by Dawn Davenport March 16, 2005
The result of a person feeling that they need to drastically raise their voice in order to be heard on their mobile phone. Offenders of cell yell are oblivious to the fact that this is not necessary, and are often an extreme nuisance to everyone around them.
We had a hard time enjoying our meal at the restaurant, due to the cell yell of the woman at the next table.
by Dawn Davenport March 13, 2005