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A "fake" blog that offers only fake content and links. Often, splogs are promoting some other internet site. They are considered spam.
That's no blog; it's just a splog with a bunch of crappy links.
by Mimz October 12, 2005
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A unwanted post placed on a blog that is used for soliciting purposes. Like spam, spim, spat, and spobile, these messages contain links to websites featuring the usual array of forcibly advertised online services, such as pornography, credit repair, and prescription drug sales. The messages may be made to appear as a comment from an interested reader, stating that the posted link is to a webpage relevant to the current discussion, or an invitation to view the spolgger's own personal blog.
Wow, I totally agree with you. <Click here> to check out my blog.
by Dawn Davenport March 16, 2005
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n., combination form of spam + blog: 1) blogging solely for profit v. personal expression, communication, information (et al) purposes; 2) a blog which exists to pimp products, services, websites, etc. via extensive use of ads and/or links.
A good friend of mine used to have a slamming blog, but she's become just another sell-out, now that it's nothing more than a splog. I doubt she'll ever get rich using all those pay-per-click ads plastered everywhere on it.
by fugitive247 February 15, 2006
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Spam advertisements in a blog's "comments" section, usually disguised as messages from anonymous users.
"I got nine comments for my recent blog post. Unfortunately, most if it was just a lot of splog."

"Wow, this blog is getting splogged."
by Forky August 18, 2005
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A bloody hotdog on the back of a thong strap. Mostly used for constant anal stimulation.
Yo that splog is ill.
Yo can I borrow your splog?
I tore a nut open from all that splogging yesterday.
by Only In Jersey April 08, 2003
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