heard you and bri had a spat
by TychoT December 6, 2005
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past tence of spit
commonly used by southern irish i think
'I spat over teh railing into the canal.'
by FukinFATkid May 11, 2003
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An unwelcome online advertising solicitation placed in a chat room, containing a link to a website offering services such as pornography, money-making scams, prescription drug sales, etc. The links may also be used to spread viruses and spyware.

See also spam and spim.
Hey everybody! <Click here> to find out how to make $5000 a week from your own home! It worked for me!
by Dawn Davenport February 4, 2005
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when some one calls you "dick head", you rub your head up and down like a giant penis resebling a hand job and say "im gonna spat on you bitch!!!!"
-"dude your a dick head"
-"yeah i know(starts rubbing head) im gonna spat on you!!
by holly banana March 8, 2008
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home, domicile, place; apparently urban black slang first heard today.
He moved out of his spat and into his new girlfriend's spat.
by arkiebubba October 16, 2007
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when you've dumped your muck up some bint's ass and she farts it out

a mixture of shit and cum
i just pulled out of Gertrude and she spat all over me!
by Zeta +Shaun January 14, 2008
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Replacement for the word spaz, meaning someone that is acting mentally challenged.
Girl: Oh dear. ... look at Jonny, hes acting like a complete spat!
by Petch Spreckley November 12, 2007
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