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A man in a purple dinosaur suit who hangs out behind a little kid's school. Always talks with the kids and sings songs with them--as long as the teachers aren't around. Magically dissapears and turns into a small, doll version of himself whenever an adult--especially a policeman--approaches him. Probably was horny as kid, and god knows what he does to those poor children when his/her friends aren't around.
Barney teaches children just how fun life can be.
by Davey June 05, 2004

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A pairing, seen mostly as yaoi in fanfiction/art, in which there is a young underaged male engaged in a sexual act. Stands for "Shotaru Complex" in Japanese. See shotaru.
Person A: Did you read that shotacon fanfic with Seifer and Zell? How old WERE they?
Person B: Seifer was... 18 and Zell was like... 12 I think.
by Davey December 07, 2003

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Blink182 is a rock/pop band.. used to be a bit more hardcore and relatively punkish, but never really punk. For one thing, you can understand the lyrics. Still pretty good band, just not punk. Sold out? Maybe. Who cares?
"Blink182 isn't punk. Neither are you. Shut up."
by Davey August 15, 2004

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The greatest species to have evolved on the planet Earth. Only species to have developed coherent thought, conscience, faith, and the ability to destroy every last one of itself and the planet it inhabits. Only species to reach to the stars and land on the moon. Greedy, selfish, self-serving, and yet kind, compassionate, and edifying. Driven by hate, love, and power. Has the power to create and the power to destroy. Once humanity settles other stellar objects it will likely never go extinct.

Beyond the natural 'necessities' to survive and reproduce, every human's ultimate purpose is to further the spread of humanity and civilization to every corner of the Earth and the universe. Aggressive to a fault, and too intelligent for it's own good; however, some day, it may save the Earth that so long endured punishment at the hands of the human cancer. Humanity is not a plague. Western society is. However, it is the only way, and progress comes at a price. Some day the Earth will fully heal.

Intelligence is a gift to homo sapiens, the thinking man. However much we may abuse it it is better for good than evil, and some day it will shine through.
Humanity is beyond good and evil, since every individual is neither a saint nor a devil. These things we exist for are petty compared to the furtherment of advance and progress. Humanity is stupid. People are stupid. A person is smart. Democracy leads to this excess and waste, the destruction of the planet, because of the assumption, that a million people, are smarter than one.
by Davey August 21, 2004

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the product of genre transcendence; fuckoff amazing.
-Hey Brian, did you hear about these guys the Mars Volta who transcended genre?

-Yeah Steve, i heard they're fuckoff amazing.
by davey January 25, 2004

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The young person in a shotacon pairing.
If Seifer and Zell are having sex and Zell is 12 while Seifer is 18, Zell is the shotaru.
by Davey December 07, 2003

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Chick with a dick, usually found in Thailand, also known as lady boys
Wow that chick is fine shame shes a sheman
by Davey August 31, 2003

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