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Derivative of son of a bitch. Usually employed to denote extreme displeasure in a person, place, or thing.

In close kinship with a whore.
by Davey November 29, 2004
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The way "stupid" is spelled by a 12-year-old who plays at least 50 different internet games a week. Believes "l33t" is some divine language and that it should be used by everyone, too bad it's just an excuse for not being able to spell.
u r s0 st00pid ROFL!!! lik omg g3t a l1f3 rOFL!!! I'm c00l!! I 0wn j00! ROFL
by Davey June 6, 2004
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A state that is reached when one has run out of options. Usually takes place in a social situation when you cannot play possum and are forced to talk to somebody you do not want to speak to. Usually makes the victim appear as a "mannequin" in a completely frozen position.
Psycho Chico/a: Why was it when I went in to kiss you, you froze?

Normal Person: It's a defense mechanism, when I can't feign sleep or death I go into mannequin mode.
by Davey December 5, 2004
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the product of genre transcendence; fuckoff amazing.
-Hey Brian, did you hear about these guys the Mars Volta who transcended genre?

-Yeah Steve, i heard they're fuckoff amazing.
by Davey January 26, 2004
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Short for "Lolita Complex" in a pairing. The "lolita" is always female, and the other member of the pairing is always older than the "lolita." The lolita is generally underage.
Person A: Did you read the Albedo/MOMO roricon?
Person B: Yeah, that was really sick...
by Davey December 7, 2003
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A Geordie (North-east England dialect)term for a huge or perfectly presented pair of shapely female breasts Tits, mamories, wheelbarrow chest, fried eggs
'Lucy, you've got a canny pair of norks, pet. You've given me a semi"
by Davey June 19, 2006
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