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a great friend that is athletic and great to hang out with. She is usually right.
i was talking to Iva last night about jordan b
by daria July 10, 2004

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A word used mainly in fanfiction:- The belief (I use the term belief because of the proof for and against Bennoda) that Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington are in a relationship. No harm is meant by the term, either to Mike or Chester or their wives, Anna and Samantha.
Fangirls are allowed to believe in whatever they want, including Bennoda.
by Daria November 07, 2004

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I bless the rains down in africa
Just an acronym for a song by Toto.
by Daria December 18, 2003

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a really hot guy.
wish for a fish!!
by daria March 01, 2003

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hanging out with friends, huddling in close proximity
we all started clusterfucking to keep warm
by Daria December 17, 2002

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an action done to make fish go crazy when they see how beautiful u r compared to their current s/o
hey, he's looking at me *hair flip*
by Daria December 17, 2002

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clusterfucking for people who are romantically involved
hey, look, they're cuddlefucking again!!
by Daria December 17, 2002

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