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iva is a word that refers to the most amazing gorgeous serbian girl you will ever meet.

she's usually amazing, beautiful, crazy, daring, elegant, fierce, gorgeous, helpful, inspiring, joking, kooky, lovable, magnificent, nice, optimistic, pretty, quintessential, ravishing, stunning, tan, unbelievable, voluptuous, wonderful, x-rated, youthful, and zealous.
a girl is an iva if she is one of the greatest, best friends you'll ever have. she'll always be there for you. and you can trust her with anything.
shes also very modest about everything. she doesn't understand just how beautiful she is, or how intelligent, or how good of a friend she is. a girl who is an iva, would read this and think its all bs, but her friends would know that she is a true iva.
lauren: my best friend is such an iva. i'm so lucky to have her as my best friend. i wish she was my sister.
by loversofgoodpeople August 12, 2009
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Usually croatian name.Iva is the most amazing,sexiest, optimistic,definetely funniest little brave heart girl that you can find in tour life!!Sometimes a bit crazy and paranoid and that just on the outsides lol.But definetly a person you want to have in your life!!!She is always very fashionable,great sense of humor,you will laugh until you cry with her
by crazychick09 February 25, 2010
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a great friend that is athletic and great to hang out with. She is usually right.
i was talking to Iva last night about jordan b
by daria July 10, 2004
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Iva is a fucking queen, allways has the hottest boyfriends, and can pull any guy
Fuckk she hot, yep that’s Iva for ya
by Yummy me February 03, 2018
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