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Another term for bajas which were popular back in the day, often found in left leaning hippie establishments such as the now defunct Earth Traders in the Poughkeepsie Galleria.
While perusing the local thrift store, I happened upon a purple baja, otherwise known as a drug rug which was the perfect fashion accessory for the upcoming spring tour.
by Danny Boy December 30, 2004
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acting of the qualities of a douche bag.

syn. ass-hole-ness
george bush
and all his douche baggery
by Danny boy April 04, 2004
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someone who writes a dictionary and shit
that motherfucker is a lexicographer.
by danny boy September 01, 2003
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Short for Muchacho in Spanish. Muchacho is slang for boy or guy.
Whattup chacho?
You're my chacho!
by Danny Boy May 01, 2003
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This is the term for "African Americans" used by most Italian-American males, myself included. I grew up hearing my father and grandfather using it all of the time, so it's only natural.
Newark used to be a nice place, but now there are too many mulignans.
by Danny boy September 01, 2004
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to shoot, usually in a drive-by, and it can be done repeatedly. what the previous definitions of this word left out is that it is PAST TENSE. gotsta have gud gramma
I wuz cappin wankstas all nite, foo.
by Danny Boy February 14, 2005
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the 12th comandment: thou shall not commit douche baggery
dude hella band geeks are sinnin against the 12th
by Danny boy April 04, 2004
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