People who wanna be ganstas.
Look at dem wankstas, they only got a water gun.
by shleefc December 10, 2006
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gangsters are from the “hood”; wankstas are from the suburbs.
Hey dude look at those Wankstas tryin to be Gangstas
by Murray3128 September 7, 2006
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the word "wanker" crossed with "ganksta"; a derogatory term used by those from "da hood" to describe those from the suburbs or those who try to be ganksta. See wasteman; wigger
dem boys there is wankstas finkin dey is from G endz dey is from eltham! eltham iz swag endz
by ceithir October 17, 2006
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a fake/whack gangsta. made popular by the 50 cent song of 2003.

NOT to be confused with wangsta - which is not a slang in ANY hood except maybe china. people who don't know anything only pretend that this is right and there are a sh*itload of them because there are like 8 entries under wangsta.
You said you a gangsta
But you neva pop nuttin
You said you a wanksta
And you need to stop frontin'
You go to the dealership
But you neva cop nuttin'
You been hustlin a long time
And you ain't got nuttin
by werthestreets August 31, 2006
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A "wanksta" is a very basic word meaning a person who acts/looks like a gangster or thug, but has never done anything gangster or thug-like besides acting or looking like one. It can be towards any race or ethnicity. The word does NOT imply a WHITE guy acting black.
Al Capone is a GANGSTA - white guy
Ja Rule is a WANKSTA - black guy
by Kaz17b March 5, 2003
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1.) fake gansta
2.) wanna-be pimp
he aint no gansta, nigga he a wanksta
by younggurl March 6, 2005
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A fake Gangsta, A person (any color, race,ethnicity) that acts and looks like a thug but have done nothing thats "Gangsta" such as shooting someone, robbing, and mobbing people ect..., all wanksta's do is talk shit
90% of all Americans are wanksta's
by AC December 23, 2003
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