frontin', saying stuff that isnt true
She said she won $1,000 yesterday. Why is she cappin, she know she aint got no money.
by Zan December 28, 2005
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lyin or bullshit'n
the phrase "cappin" originated
in tx
foo you gone stop cappin and give me my money!
by locachrissy February 17, 2009
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short form of "high cappin" which was used in the 80's to describe some one who lies about their social status or one who flaunt's arogantly brand new merchandise but is in debt. now-a-days its basically used to describe a liar but it still refers to he old meaning from time to time.
1)john-"he ain't got a slab. he still drives his maw maw's car. he needs to stop all that cappin."
2)pete-"man, that boy still owes me 3g's and his out there cappin."
3)derrick-"quite cappin man, you did't call sherry cuz she just called me asking for you."
by x February 26, 2004
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in cleveland, it means to show off or stunt a.k.a flossin
Hey, you see D come out rolls royce wit all dem diamonds around his neck and the two feezies he had wit him?
Yea, He was cappin!!!
by wardisan July 23, 2006
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to lie
to tell a story
white lie
by chris lardie November 11, 2007
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