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n. Derogatory slang term for a black person. A Sicilian word, derived from the Italian ''melanzane'' (English: eggplant). Common among Italian-Americans, particularly of Sicilian origin, as a slur for African-Americans.

Popularized in American culture by television drama series ''The Sopranos''.
''The Sopranos'' (02.08)

Anthony Bevilaqua: He's my homey.

Richie Aprile: Your what?

Anthony Bevilaqua: He lives up near me.

Richie Aprile: Well, why didn't you say that? If you want to speak like a fucking mulignan, we'll send you to slip and fall school.
by gibreel February 15, 2009
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-a racially offensive term for a black person (from Italian melanzana, which is an eggplant.)NOTE: there are hundreds of phonetic spellings out there; however, this is the ONLY correct Italian spelling of this word.
He was accused of being a racist when he called the black man a mulignan at the bus stop.
by weave March 18, 2003
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The origin of the AE word "mulignan" is not directly linked to the italian word "melanzana" (eggplant).
"Melanzana" is the standard italian word for "eggplant" but every region and even every town in the same region has its own dialect form(s).
I wanted to go further and made a little research and here is what I found.

"Melanzana" comes from the low-latin "melangolus" or"merongolus" from the arab "bâdindgiân". It is possible to find the same name in old french "mélangène" even if the current french word for "eggplant" is "aubergine".

As you can see from these examples, all the words are similar. We can assume that the AE word "mulignan"
was imported to the US by italian immigrants coming from a southern region but nothing tells us if it was Sicily or Napoli.

I hope this helped.
According to the different regions, one can find these forms of the italian word "melanzana":

"buligname" Abruzzo
"malangiana" Calabria
"marangiana" Puglia
"marignanu" Umbria
"melangiàne" Puglia
"mulingiana", "milinciana" Sicilia
"mulignana" Napoli
by orros March 25, 2010
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This is the term for "African Americans" used by most Italian-American males, myself included. I grew up hearing my father and grandfather using it all of the time, so it's only natural.
Newark used to be a nice place, but now there are too many mulignans.
by Danny boy September 01, 2004
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(n) (1) a variation of the Italian word for eggplant. (2) a person of direct African descent (a black person). Actually, this term has nothing to do with slavery, because Italians rarely if ever had black slaves, and most Italians were in favor of giving rights to blacks while the whites up in Northern Europe and America were still using blacks for labor and slave trades. The real origin of this slang word is unknown, but it is not as popular among Italians as the movies and white people suggest. Most people now that use the word "mooley" are white, not Italian.
Some Angry Guy: Yo, what's up with all these mulignans in my hood? Get outta here, ya mooley.

Some Guy With Sense: What the hell are you talking about? Stop saying "mooley", you asshole. You're not even Italian, you're white. And even if you were Italian, it be even more ignorant to be rascist towards blacks, considering Italians aren't white and are closely related to blacks. Italians and blacks should be brothers.
by New Jack Swing January 06, 2006
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A racially offensive term for a black person.( see also Mooley ) Deriving from the italian word for "eggplant". Many believe the comes from slave masters in italy calling them eggplants, because when the black folk were working in the fields their heads would only be showing thru the crops.
"look at dis mulignan ova here wit his grape soda and fried chicken."
"look at dat cooley on dat mooley"
by the realist March 08, 2005
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