In the CW show Supernatural, "Poughkeepsie" is Sam & Dean's "Go" word. It means drop everything and run.
Crowley: Poughkeepsie
Sam: How do you know that word?
Crowley: Because Dean sent me Bullwinkle. The REAL Dean. You've been possessed by an angel. He's got you packed away in some dusty corner of your own mind and I'm here to break you out!
by gigantic_egg0 January 25, 2019
Pronounce puh KIP see. GET IT RIGHT!

A city in New York's Dutchess County. Always debated whether it is upstate or downstate. The New York State Department of tourism considers everything north of Poughkeepsie to be upstate.

Poughkeepsie is split into Town of Poughkeepsie and City of Poughkeepsie. For no reason. City has low taxes, small houses. Town has huge houses, high taxes. Town includes Arlington district (Pleasant Valley, Lagrange, Overlook, Titusville etc.) and Spackenkill District (Hagan, Nassau, Beachwood).

The town's HIGH taxes carry the weight of the entire town.

Poughkeepsie is the home of Vassar College. One of the top colleges in the nation.

Poughkeepsie is near Hyde Park, Wappingers, Newburgh, Beacon, Highland, and other towns.

Spackenkill High School, a small school with about 500 students, is considered to be the best high school. This is only in grades, education. The lockers don't even have locks.

Many people are flocking from nyc to Poughkeepsie. The population is steadily increasing.

Has the best view of the Hudson River.
Ugh I'm from the city of poughkeepsie. I'm 17 and I have 3 kids.

I'm from the town of poughkeepsie and I graduated from high school when I was 14.
by don't worry about that August 8, 2005
Pronounced puh Kip see
Also known as P.K for short.

A place where drugs are plenty and decent human beings are few.
I steped on a used syringe in Poughkeepsie.

Yo dog wanna go to P.K an smoke some crack
by ArsonistNY April 6, 2016
New York in the USA. WAY More Thoro than pussy ass Newburgh . Take a midnight stroll down Winikee Ave and & Talk that hot shit. Way more badder Bitches Too
Niggaz Get Busy Out In Poughkeepsie
by Power kingdom October 3, 2017
The place where Vassar College students go to buy booze, laugh at Marist students, and drive through to get to the train station.
Vassar Student: "Man, Poughkeepsie sucks. There are only two decent liquor stores."
Marist Student: "Nah, mayne, there be, like two Ed Hardy stores."
by TheOnlyLivingBroAtVC December 14, 2009
Verb- Meaning to Pughkeepsie something or someone, usually a teletubby, such as Po.

Noun- A Poughkeepsie is a display of terroristic gore usually afflicted upon Teletubbies, such as Tinkie Winkie

Adjective- To be poughkeepsie-ish, or to have the ability to harshly poughkeepsie.

Proper Noun- A Town In New York known for murders involving bird men.
The man is poughkeepsying the green and oragne teletubby.

The three poughkeepsies had fun at the beach yesterday

The poughkeepsie bird person is attacking the bunny with a scooter

In the town Poughkeepsie, a teletubby was attacked (again).
by Gk28 March 20, 2010