19 definitions by Danny Durden

referring to the particularly WITLESS human, with no discernable spine nor character.
The guy felt like a dink after his girlfriend took care of everything.
by Danny Durden August 15, 2021
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To be visited and observed for the sake of others coming to behold the observably impressive form and figure on display.
The great tree was behold'ned for its presence,; they'd come from miles away to bask in its sparkly tree aura.
by Danny Durden September 23, 2020
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Positively perhaps, and way stronger than definitely maybe.
Subject A: "It might be nice to have a party.
Subject B: "might'nt it, indeed?"
by Danny Durden August 8, 2020
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Moving money with at least one comma in the amount.
You gotta love doing some comma banking; money numbers with commas feel good to the fiscal soul.
by Danny Durden November 20, 2020
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A BeefCake condition, in the post COVID era, whereby desirable males are somewhat weary, sexually. (Obviously only a heterosexual phenomenon)
A very specific form of sexual frustration has emerged recently; it's known as Geary, or geariness, as in, his gear needs to find suitable accommodation.
by Danny Durden June 29, 2023
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A penis, tired from already performing,

and ejaculating, incapable erection until resting sufficiently.
She was glad to grab her toy since all her partner had left was his soft Noodle.
by Danny Durden May 28, 2021
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In gambling, when it would appear the outcome of an event is virtually decided, and suddenly, at the very last, ( or near very last) moment, the script gets flipped, and the predicted winning ticket is now a LOSER.
He suffered a Bad Beat when his horse, who was about to win the race, jumped a shadow, and fell into the rail, dislodging the jockey, interestingly, in the shadow of the finish line, disqualified.
by Danny Durden May 26, 2021
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