261 definition by Daniel

The one who keeps things in order.
This Marine will set things straight!
by Daniel March 15, 2005

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A person who is lazy, and not doing anything at the present time
I'm just mooching about!
by Daniel March 30, 2004

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One who is can't do anything fucking right!
jim your such a fuckup
by Daniel October 23, 2002

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1. The phonetic spelling for the quick pronunciation of the almighty name "Daniel"

2. Nickname given to the highest ranking of Daniels

3. The absense of a space and/or comma between calling your friend, Dan, and greeting him.
1. Hey Danyo! Why are you so awesome beyond all awesomeness?

2. I dub thee Danyo, Daniel. You are of the greatest of Daniels.

3. Friend: danyo
Dan: huh?
Friend: dan, yo
Dan: oh
by Daniel January 22, 2004

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A municipality near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, which is mainly populated by wealthy pensioneers who probably still think that Canadian flag is the Red Ensign, and would probably wear orange on Saint Patrick's Day.
I'm going down to Oak Bay to have tea and polite conversation with Sir William Tosswottom.
by Daniel March 24, 2005

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Booshank means that something is very good. used as an alternative word for anything good, originating from the best prog in the world BO`SELECTA.
1:that girl is booshank(meaning she is fit as)
2:that kebab was booshank.
3:aivd merrion is booshank. or see `shatpank` meaning the same.
by daniel May 21, 2004

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The answer to every trivia question that appears on the movie screen before they actually start the film at your local movie theater.
Trivia question: "What actor battled the T-1000 in Terminator 2?"

some ignorant fool: I think it's that new governor, in California, Arnold Sch...."

2 badass brothers: Shut up, fool! It's so Wesley Snipes; it's gotta be!
by Daniel April 17, 2004

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