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1) The greatest television couple ever.

2) A combination of the names Nathan and Haley, characters from the WB/CW show "One Tree Hill". Coined by supporters of the coupling, but actually used in the show itself e.g. Brooke: "Are you proposing to me? That's so 'Naley'."
Nathan and Haley officially began their relationship in the eighth episode of the first season of "One Tree Hill", marrying, aged sixteen, in the season finale. Though their relationship has encountered many huge difficulties, e.g. Haley leaving her husband to go on tour in the second season, they have remained together throughout the series.
There are many symbols of Naley love: the CrackerJack bracelet he gave her on their first tutoring session which is present on her wrist for the majority of episodes; the purple flowers present at both of their weddings and given to Haley from Nathan on two occasions; kisses in the rain (there are many of these - the couple even intended to go to London on their honeymoon due to its rainy weather); their wedding rings (which, although separated at one point, the couple keep on their persons) and the term "Always and Forever", initially used by Nathan at their first wedding and used often in the seasons following.
1) Naley are the greatest couple in television history.
2) Girl 1 - "Which is your favourite OTH couple, Naley or Leyton?"
Girl 2 - "Naley FTW"
Girl 3 - "Obviously Naley. What sort of crazy-ass question is that?!"
by alwaysnaleyforever June 07, 2010
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combination of the names 'Nathan' and 'Haley' - 2 characters on the WB TV show "One Tree Hill". If you are a 'Naley' fan then you support this coupling.
Naley are the best WB couple since Pacey and Joey.
by dani December 14, 2005
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