the pharmacy that has the highest prices for drugs and pays their pharmacists and pharmacy interns the lowest out of all the chain pharmacies.
i work at cvs. oh man. no wonder you so poor. why don't you work for rite aid.? cuz it sucks there also.
by timer April 24, 2005
Concurrent Versions System -- used most widely in open-source programming.
A new CVS for OpenBSD was released just last night.
by dani December 6, 2004
cvs- chuckling very softly
1. Your responce was humorous and left me cvs.

2. "As I sat cvs, I plotted my retort."

3. Unworthy of a lol.
by BDMAC January 13, 2010
Crusty Vagina Slime- A thick vaginal discharge, usually accompanied by a foul, unpleasant odor. Usually only associated with dirty sluts.
That slut had sex in my shower and now there is CVS all over the floor.
by Chelsea March 7, 2005
chuckle very softly the true meaning of what ur doing when someone says sumthin funnee on a.i.m.
xxjloxx:yeah tht was soo funny
xxjennxx: cvs
by Big Dillon June 15, 2007
Crusty Vagina Slime: Thick, gross discharge accompanied by an unpleasant and foul odor from female genetailia.
That dirty slut had sex in my shower and I bet there is CVS all over the place now.
by Chelsea March 7, 2005