A Good Morning America is an alcoholic beverage, invented by two Kettering University students in 2010, and so named because of its resemblance to a Screwdriver. In addition, the caffeine content will perk you up, and you will seem like one of the hosts of the eponymous morning television show. To make a jug of Good Morning America, follow the recipe:

4x 8.4 oz cans Red Bull (or 2x 16.9 oz. cans)
1x 750mL bottle vodka
1x 2 Liter bottle Sunny D (original)

Mix the vodka and Sunny D in a gallon jug, cap, and shake. After that, add the Red Bull. Recipe makes .975 Gallons. Enjoy.
Dude, what's your weapon of choice tonight?

I'm rocking a full gallon of Good Morning America!

Haha, have fun blacking out and fucking a fat chick, even though that shit is super tasty.
by jollyroger1210 December 16, 2010
Masturbating to the point of cumming next to a sleeping person. Before you cum wake the sleeping person up shout "GOOD MORNING" and cum on the persons face.
I had a one night stand with a girl I never wanted to talk to again, so I gave her a nice "good morning America" to remember me by.
by Zabrow December 11, 2008
a program from ABC News


Diane Sawyer
Chris Cuomo
Robin Roberts



Times Square
New York City
I watched Good Morning America.
At an all male sleepover, whoever falls asleep first gets jerked off and then smacked in the face with the offending splooge covered hand... slapper must shout, "Good Morning America!" upon delivery of slap.
Bobby called his mom crying to pick him up from the sleepover after Johnny gave him the Good Morning America.
by JYeezie March 30, 2010