28 definitions by Damien

A mix of a Skank and a Bitch. usually used as an insult towards women who are easy but act bitchy after they give it up.
"you remember the girl from the club? yea man she turned out to be a skitch!"
by damien January 27, 2005
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a guy who acts like a bitch but is also ghetto
"man this fool acts straight like a betto"
by damien January 27, 2005
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A party in a car, largely as a result of bangin' music on the radio. Most common in Southern New Mexico, Las Cruces and surrounding areas.
I always listen to Damien and Danny G on the 5 O'Clock Hoo-Ride on Hot 103.
by damien February 02, 2005
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(This works best while the male has some sort of explosive diarrhea) A man lies on his back with his legs wide open while a woman slowly progresses (face first, mouth open) towards his testicles. Once the woman is approximately 3 inches from the "ball-sac" the man then releases massive amounts (or whatever's in his system) of diarrhea on her face, with the intentions of shitting in her mouth. Whether the crap landed in her mouth or not doesn't matter. A successful "Mouse Trap" has been executed.
Christy was trying to suck my balls before landed in a "Mouse Trap"
by Damien July 17, 2003
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A person or action that is queer beyond words. The process of doing something that forces others to question your sexual preference.
Wow, that was very san fransisco of you.
You have been acting extremely san fransisco lately.
by Damien June 18, 2006
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Operating System used by 'mac whores', people who will buy anything with the mac logo on it. They would buy a bag of dog shit as long as it was coloured off white and had an apple on it. Mac OS X is an inferior operating system with many bugs yet mac whores bitch on about it all day because it's all they can use on their shitty off white pieces of crap
Mac OS X is just like windows wearing a Gucci sweater
by Damien April 11, 2005
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Fuck you in Serbian.
Jebote asshole.
by Damien November 16, 2003
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