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A person or action that is queer beyond words. The process of doing something that forces others to question your sexual preference.
Wow, that was very san fransisco of you.
You have been acting extremely san fransisco lately.
by damien June 18, 2006
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Originally derived from the manner of movement of a squid...shooting off at speed, almost stopping to turn and then shooting off again, similar to a inexperienced motorcyclist.
"I was trying to pass the squid, but on corner exits he just stood it up and blasted away."
by damien April 23, 2005
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to break into small parts and begin at different times. From concat. of staggered and segmented.
The development process of this project will follow a stagmented approach. Thus reducing the overall time required for completion.
by damien January 06, 2004
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A mix of a Skank and a Bitch. usually used as an insult towards women who are easy but act bitchy after they give it up.
"you remember the girl from the club? yea man she turned out to be a skitch!"
by damien January 27, 2005
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Todd are you comming out with us ?
nah man I have to like work on my stanza or something like that
by damien March 31, 2004
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To agree hold hardedly.
- To concour
"I am in concourage with what you have said".
by damien October 15, 2003
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