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Credited as being one of the first Black Metal bands, Bathory was formed by Quorthon. Early albums include "Under The Sign of the Black Mark," "Requiem," "Hammerheart," and others. Bathory owns you. Early in 2004, Quorthon died from heart failure.
Bathory is better than your family.
by Damien November 02, 2004
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Also known as babyfoot or table soccer.
This game looks boring as hell from an external point of view, but when you get into it it's fucking addictive, just like Counter-Strike.
The players are most likely geeks who skip their maths class to play, talk shit to each other and yell like they won the FIFA World Cup when they score a goal.
This game requires a lot of skill to play and there are worldwide competitions with thousands of dollars to win, where only the cream of the geeks, the kings of the wrists can attend.
A-"This one entered your ass reallllly deep noob."
B-"Damn, that was painful. How did it pass ???"
A-"I don't know but I loved it, don't ya ?"
B-"Yeah I would say that."
by Damien October 04, 2004
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Originally derived from the manner of movement of a squid...shooting off at speed, almost stopping to turn and then shooting off again, similar to a inexperienced motorcyclist.
"I was trying to pass the squid, but on corner exits he just stood it up and blasted away."
by Damien April 23, 2005
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A modern definition of the word narcissist, from the word narcissism, only with a camera, camcorder, webcam, camera phone, etc. (see-media-whore)


Pronunciation: (när'su-siz"em),
1. inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.
2. Psychoanal.erotic gratification derived from admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development. Also,nar•cismPronunciation: (när'siz-um).

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease
He/she is such a camwhore that he/she asks the clerk at the convenience store for a copy of their securtity video every time he/she buys a soda!
by Damien June 18, 2006
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Someone who perfers to eat out a shaved pussy rather than a hairy one (carpet eater)
My cousin Damien is a carpet eater, not a tile mucnher.
by Damien June 24, 2004
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The fakey, out-of-a-box Irishness that insists on the same damned songs and the same damned menu and the same damned Guinness advertisements on the wall of every Irish bar outside of Ireland.
Seen in nearly every film which features a non Irish actor doing an Irish accent. Notable exceptions include Daniel Day Lewis in "In The Name of The Father" and Bradd Pitt in "Snatch".
"Every St.Patricks day Jose liked to emphasize his Irish roots by wearing green, drinking Guiness and referring to the 'old country' but it smacked of Paddywhackery"
by damien February 18, 2005
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1a. someone who pisses you off, but not to the extent of homicide
2a. lesser version of fucka, fucker, or fuckface
"That stupid fuckah spilled my soda!" *note: not a homicidal situation*
by Damien April 15, 2003
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