Word made up of two words, skate and hitch. It is basically hitching a ride while doing some form of skating. A person grabs onto the back bumper or fender of a vehicle and will be pulled along on an object. The most common objects people do this with are skateboards or a kind of roller skates/inline skates. This has been seen in various movies including Back To The Future and is also used in several video games including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 and all other Tony Hawk games since 4, Jet Grind Radio and Skitchin' which was a game based in a large way on this particular activity. This is a way for somebody to reach a level of speed that would be near impossible to reach with just a skateboard or roller skates/inline skates alone. It is also very dangerous and can get you seriously injured if something goes wrong. Also the police frown upon this activity as well.
"Let's skitch!"

"Did you see Back To The Future where Marty skitched that truck in the beginning?"

"It is sweet you can now skitch in the Tony Hawk games."

"You'll need to skitch something if you want to get enough speed to clear that huge jump."

"That guy was trying to skitch a truck but it stopped suddenly and was pulled under and got ran over."

"That fool got busted by the cops for trying to skitch their car."
by IceWarm October 30, 2004
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a combination word of skank and bitch.
usually said about a "skanky bitch" you're not to fond of.
that skitch!
by ytfghijokghjkl May 10, 2011
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To grab the bumper of a vehicle and be pulled. The classic definition would be performed in shoes on ice, but seasonal and regional variations may be done on dry land in roller skates. Exceedingly fun and dangerous.
I grabbed the bumper of Dago's '68 Charger and skitched as he did donuts in the parkinglot. My foot caught on a rock and I cracked my head open on the ice. Fuck.
by Jeff July 9, 2004
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The words "skank" and "bitch" together.
Girl 1: "Did you see Adriana today?"
Girl 2: "Yeah isn't she such a skitch!"
by jilliansavukinas October 27, 2018
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To get pulled along by something (usually by a vehicle with a motor), while on a skateboard,blades, or bike.
This would be to get speed for an obstacle e.g. a rail(see grind), to get somewhere with speed, or just for sake of it.
A skater hanging on the bumper of a friends car, then letting go after a few seconds to jump a gap.
**is also popular to skitch on someone that you don't know, and doesn't know your doing it!
by Adam April 7, 2004
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combination of the words "Skank" and "Bitch". Used to define a girl with a reputation of being an easy target for horny teenage boys and, at the same time, a girl that redefines the definition of a bitch. this girl could be your best friend, a neighbor, or a sister. beware.
a best friend that you've carried home after "one of those nights" turns around and throws a party without inviting you the next weekend. therefore, this girl is a skitch, seeing as she hooks up with horny boys and you're the only one that can tell her what happened in the morning.
by nocturney May 10, 2009
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