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That feeling you get when you crawl into your bed, after a long day of work or school - in your most comfy outfit (naked) - knowing you don't have to do shit.
by Desq February 18, 2014
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An informal shortening of comfortable. It often implies casual, friendly comfort: an adult wouldn't normally call a seat on the city bus "comfy", but he might describe his favorite chair that way.
Karin's guest bedroom was so comfy that her friends joked about being spoiled rotten whenever they stayed overnight.
by Ingeborg S. NordΓ©n June 01, 2006
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expression used by ppl lazy enough not to say "comfortable"
comfy couch
by can March 29, 2004
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Comfortable clothing, often pajama pants and sweatshirt, worn in the comfort of one's own home.
I'm going to put my comfies on.
by Michelle January 18, 2004
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A substitute for both "cool" and "good".

Observing a colleague's powerpoint presentation prior to its final edit...

Dude: "What do you think so far?"
Other dude: "Yeh, it's comfy man"

Or in responding to greetings...

One cat: "How you going?"
Other cat: "Yeh, comfy, man"
Damn, that's comfy!
by Bonesofthewhitegoods June 28, 2010
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A state of being that involves having absolutely nothing in-between you and someone else..being able to say WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want to.

When you are truely "comFy" with someone you AlwaYs have the feeling of contentment & support (as in a shoulder to cry on or a friend to Laugh out Loud with)..always ending the night with a relaxed & happy feeling.

"When the sun shines, we'll shine together..told you i'd be here forever.. when the world has dealt its cards we'll figure it out together...."
{Umbrella, Rhianna}

This can be applied to people, places and things.

When applied to a person it can mean physically or mentally "comforting" yet having the feeling of freeness to be who you really are yet having a solid unmoveable foundation.

(also a rarely known fact about "ComFy") is that each time you see the person who you are "ComFy" with it gets BETTER than the last time you did (even when you think it can't possibly get better)....
The Puppy is ALways ComFy when hugging the Panda.
by p2 January 28, 2008
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The state of being when everything is A-OKAY!!! Those who are fortunate enough to complete the treacherous "Quest for the Ultimate Comf" are rewarded with a one-of-a-kind life thrilling experience. Only the bravest individuals will receive the opportunity to get into the "Nition" for comfy.
Because she finished "The Quest", Holly now has the well-deserved privilege to get comfy on Nick's shoulder.
by nanette2014 December 11, 2011
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