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Pathetic website in which guys have sex with actors pretending to be strangers. Preferred by rape enthusiasts, horny old men, and Donald
Rumsfeld (just a guess there)
You actually paid to look at bangbus? Man, you are fucking pathetic!
by Dagon January 20, 2005
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Both the most maddening and the most fascinating web page on the net. Owned by Ben Schumin, this web site features an array of mundane photo essays (including ones of Wal-Mart) an online newsletter, essays, and other such things
"The Schumin Web: The mundane and pintless have never been so fascinating."
by Dagon May 9, 2005
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Horror fiction that usually features graphic depictions of violence, sex, sexual violence, violent sex, gore, and other such things. Well known examples include Jack Ketchum's "Off Season" and Edward Lee's "The Bighead"
This is one extreme splatterpunk novel I'm reading
by Dagon January 10, 2005
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Originators of "industrial music" Formed in 1975 by Genesis P.Orridge,Peter Christopherson, Cosey Fanny Tutti, and Chris Carter. Music was very uneasy, sleazy, and in a sense, brillient
Throbbing Gristle are the DEFINATIVE industrial band
by Dagon January 9, 2005
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When one does not care for the police

Also: a well known song frtom rap group NWA
Fuck Tha Police


I really do not care very much for police authorities
by Dagon February 5, 2005
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1.) Influential rock band from the 60's/early 70's which included Lou Reed and John Cale

2.)An infamous pornographic book
1.)You've probably heard a band influenced by the Velvet underground

2.) It's hard to find the book The Velvet Underground
by Dagon January 11, 2005
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