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A shit abbreviation for a beverage yet some bitch on love island seems to think it is the definition of a sexy guy, she just wants to make it trendy, its not fucking happening.
Look at that bev across the road
by Giroudx June 04, 2019
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"Ugh, I wish Reddit wasn't full of STEMlords the entire goddamn time."
by nopeidontneedanameok October 15, 2015
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beverages, usually of the alcohol variety
I could really go for some snacks and bevs right now
by alw24 January 19, 2012
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A wonderful quirky artsy girl. Shy on the outside, yet complex and misunderstood underneath that shell. Very sexy, big boobs, great curves and loves to give pleasure as much as recieving. Super intelligent and very loyal. A keeper, a BFF, a soulmate
Bev is a BFF that will always be there for you in good times and bad, one that will never let you down
by WTMLTB November 08, 2011
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Abreviation For 'Beverage' (Drink).

Most Commonly Used For Alcoholic Drinks.
Can be Used as Slang for Drunk.
We'll need to bring some bevs for the party tonight.'
'Sorry man I was totally beved last night'
by ThomasHJ September 25, 2015
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