Andy Kaufman is a famous performer and illusionist who pretended to have lung cancer and die in 1984. He told at least 5 people of his plan to fake his death only 2 short years before he died at age 35 of lung cancer despite not smoking, drinking or using drugs.

No one believed he was really sick and many believe he's alive today. He was obsessed with the "Elvis Lives" concept and decided to try it himself after talking with hoaxer Alan Abel, who successfully faked his death and had his obituary published in the NY Times. He can be found on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook under various names and was the subject of the 1999 film, "Man on the Moon" starring Jim Carrey and the R.E.M. song of the same name.
That Andy Kaufman is one strange duck.
by Kween Frostine May 18, 2010
Also known as Tony Clifton, Andy Kaufman is the most underrated guy on this Earth. He played in the show Taxi and was on Saturday Night Live. People wonder if he is still alive, in Tony Clifton (figuratively, not literally), but that remains to be seen.
"Tank you veddy much"

"I have lung cancer." :-D

~ Andy Kaufman
by So Cal January 22, 2006
Comic genius who claimed to have never told a joke in his life. Probably most known for his role on Taxi, his Mighty Mouse performance, and his alter ego Tony Clifton.

Some people believe that Andy faked his own death and is still alive today.
by SheII July 8, 2006
When one's intention by telling a joke or doing something funny, is to make oneself laugh instead of others.
Bob: Hey didn't I go to highschool with you?

Steve: Hell, yea. I used to let you touch my penis in gym.

Bob: Wait, what?

Melany: That isn't the same Steve, and that isn't funny

Steve: It was to me. I have Andy Kaufman Syndrome
by Hellste Stern Von Allen June 5, 2010
A type of madness or insanity involving the delusional belief that Andy Kaufman lives with or has befriended the sufferer who is usually an oddball or repressed prankster wishing to attain fame or notoriety.
I had diagnosed her with Andy Kaufman Folie moments after she described to me that the entertainer had been living in her downstairs closet since he had disappeared in 1984 after faking his own death.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 22, 2020
Doing and/or saying things that may be funny to you, but maybe not anyone else.
"I'm laughing!!! Aren't you?....." Or another example would be the tags for this page....or this example! Andy Kaufman Complex! I've got it, do you?
by See You In Tea January 9, 2012