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someone un-cool or un-fashionable

also known as L7
"You're such a square"
by DW March 23, 2003
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a time when you come up with the funniest quotes in the world and your a fucking genious but dont remember any of it in the morning...
by DW April 4, 2004
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One of two (usually) slightly squashy spherical shaped objects about the size of a king size malteser that lie within a man's scrotum sack

Also a word used for someone who follows/supports the WWE Wrestler 'Test'
"squeezing your testicle may result in an unfathomable pain"
by DW March 23, 2003
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An icy hot stunna from the mean streets of Bothell. Rides a street fighter. Likes: Fish,Bikez,Chickz,Vettez

Also see: Cuddle Bitch
at this time my left shoe flys off and i remember saying "F**K!! MY SHOOOE!!!"
by DW April 15, 2005
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If the following applies you may be a MHSer:
* you or several of your friends have a DUI
* your friends nicknames pertain to alcohol (ex. DUI, wingman, DW)
* you or someone you know has been through the trauma unit 'scared straight' thing
* if you or someone you know drinks on major religious holidays (ex. Christmas eve)
* you or someone you know has been arrested and gone to court over something amazingly stupid
* if you know Mrs. Diva, Shaft and Mort
* if you have mastered the art of drunk driving at all hours of the day
* if your idea of a day off from school is drink from morning to night
* if your pets are named after mixed drinks (ex. tequila sunrise)
* if you think the word bush is supposed to be spelled B-U-S-C-H
* if your beer of choice is Busch Light
* if you have driven a corona with a corona (dont ask)
(if you think of more feel free to add!)
by DW April 1, 2004
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Third generation of the Toyota© Supra. Released in the US. in 1986.5, untill 1991. This model Supra remains the most flexable model to date. With options for a turbo charged inline 6cylinder engine(1987+) it had plenty of power to move the well equiped chassis but heavy chassis. Excellent traction from a independent rear end with one of the only all around SALA modified McPherson strut suspension OEM on a Japanese vehicel. Sale did poorly due to high cost, but it was a revolutionary vehicel for its time, and still remains a very potent condenter in street racing scene.
Base line models were naturally aspirated with a hard top, but still boasted a 200hp power engine and all the amenities of a GT such as Air coditioning, power steering/windows/seats, heated glass & mirrors, 16" wheels.
"Short Arm Long Arm" "Modified McPherson Strut" suspesion was also utilized by Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

Reviewed in:

Comsumers Cars Best New Cars of 1989.
"Think of it as a Porsche 928 with a $50,000 rebate.", "Excellent Ride and handling in a sophisticated and powerfull sports car", "The best looking sports car to come from Japan.", and "Comparies well in terms of horsepower.. The best ride comfort in the group" Comapred to the Corvette, Camero, 300Z, and Porsche 944.

Car and Driver April 1989.
"The Supra will impress you as favorably on freeways as it does on two-lane roads." And "Snaky secondary roads can be taken at silky-smooth, highspeed cruise or attacked with full tail-out, junk yard dog abandon."

Motor Trend's 1989 New Car Buyers Guide.
"It weights 300 pounds more than a Corvette yet it feels smaller and lighter. It establishes a 0.87g lateral acceleration, yet it produces a suppleness of ride the Corvette cannot approach."
by DW January 8, 2005
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