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a time when you come up with the funniest quotes in the world and your a fucking genious but dont remember any of it in the morning...
See the movie Blow w/ Johnny Depp.
by DW April 04, 2004

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Possibly one of the most convienient words I've come across, it kills of un-wanted conversation very effectively without offending someone.

Indeed answers any closed question, a sarcastic remark or general remark you really don't care to comment on. In the case of open questions replying "indeed" lets someone know that you really don't give a flying pig's ass and can express surprise, skepticism, or irony.

Definetley one for your vocabulary.
by dw March 26, 2003

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The ficticious characteristic given to an initially reserved big brother housemate to give them confidence and so interact more with the other housemates. 'Ahmanania' was also a bit of fun for it's male creators, however with this new found identity 'Ahmania' took on a life of it's own with some disastorous concequences including plate smashing, manequin beheading and defiance from weekly tasks.
a - amazing, h -hero, m - mega, e - easy, d - delirious
by dw July 17, 2004

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see Square

(as the L and 7 together closely resemble a square shape)
"Johnny is an L7"
by dw March 23, 2003

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Word implemented to censor swear words used on habbo hotel
"you are a piece of bobba"
by dw March 23, 2003

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I'd like to add to my previous definition of this word/phrase.

The concept of habbo hotel had the potential to be an exciting new way to interact and chat with others. While this is just about still possible unfortunately the site is now completely infested with kids who havent yet grown any 'curlies'.

This was always going to happen given the original design and the continual tweaking of the site to appeal to this audience. However if you think you could bare being in the company of 10-16 year olds in the faint hope of meeting someone a like age and mind you'll probably quit the site after you've discovered habbo culture.

Habbo culture today is pretty much centred around the site owners money making scheme that these impressionable little sobs are all too happy to invest into. By parting with their pocket money/phone credit the kids can buy virtual 'furni' furniture to decorate and personalise a blank room of their own. This has now completely gotten out of hand, inane kids spend their time either swapping 'furni', scamming naive people into giving them access to their accounts and thus access to their furni/credits, or setting up virtual job agencies.

The net result of all this is a chatroom clogged with habbos shouting out adverts to join job agencies/go to someones room/swap furni/scam/beg people for free furni and so forth, these are all scrolled (repeated quickly many times) so you havent got much of a chance to actually chat should you want to.

All in all habbo hotel is for kids and kiddy fiddlers, preferably with some disposable income.
habbo hotel is a special place with vacancies for kids and kiddy fiddlers
by dw July 22, 2004

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A virtual hotel used for chatting to and meeting other people on the internet

by dw March 23, 2003

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