A hood slang term used such as somebody is a square or an enemy and they are not in this person's circle.
We can't trust him he's an L7

This term can also be heard in Montana 300 song called Holy Ghost towards the end.
by Dexter21 April 16, 2017
see Square

(as the L and 7 together closely resemble a square shape)
"Johnny is an L7"
by dw March 23, 2003
Badass female rock group, songs include "Pretend we're dead" and "Andres"
L7 are good hard rock, listen to "Andres"
by oldschool May 19, 2004
A gang originated in Massapequa Park consisting of 7 girls. Found in the ghetto of pequa (North of Sunrise)
Often seen in pictures with representing hand signs.
Don't mess with L7, they'll eff you up
by Jerome365 November 25, 2010
L7 Wooly bully lyric used to describe a square, stuffed shirt, nerd...
Hatty told Matty
Let's don't take no chance
Let's not be L7

Come and learn to dance
by Chicken n Grits 732 October 21, 2021
L7, is the Alphanumeric symbol for two men performing Fellatio together... much like the "69" for heteros this one differs because it's two identical Male Body's laying parallel with each ones penis pointing towards the others head for mutual oral pleasure.
Bill: hey Boifran what's L7 mean in your Sext from earlier?
Will: well just lay down and I'll show you.
by toetoe82 November 29, 2022
L7 is 69 for two girls, or 2 guys. originally coined to differential between gay and straight 69
oh, this is a great movie. there is an awesome L7 scene in it.
by stoneyface May 25, 2010