When you go down on your partner in Guelph, ON AND as they climax, you slam a rhubarb pie (can be other fruit, but juicy rhubarb preferred) in their face.

Royal City Rubarb Pie a 'la mode is when you cum in her face after.
I went on this date last night and I totally wasn't expecting it, but as I was about to cum, he gave me a wicked Royal City rhubarb pie. It was the best I ever had.
by Bad Ass Fisherman August 20, 2010
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rhubarb come from a rhubarb type of plant. (very gross) rhubarb sounds like the word constipation so I don't know how it would taste especially in a pie.
yum pie! wait there are rhubarbs in it? gross.

rhubarb pie sounds very gross
by your.so.extra June 12, 2012
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