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Literally "white negro". A comical term of endearment used primarily by middle class white people in an effort to emulate the African American tendency to refer to each other in terms of shared ethnicity.
"What's up weegro?"
by DK January 13, 2004
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1. To be unable to see all sides of the situation or idea.

2. To be naive and unable to accept true facts proven by greater men.
Dan: Hey Nick, Canada's money is worth more than American.
Nick: Nahhh, Nahh... you're wrong, Canada is monopoly money.
Dan: Aite nick you have narrow mindedness, I get a Tally.
by DK October 01, 2007
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Used to express dissatisfaction or boredom. This sucks.
Maa...i just want to get this paper over with!
by dk February 23, 2005
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A botle of cheep wine used as a butt plug.
Eb was farting alote and we told him to put a kolles up his ass.
by DK April 06, 2005
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The act of consuming soup.
I ate the bagel,
I drank the milk,
I snorped the soup.
by dk March 20, 2005
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Fellatone!? For me? Tell him I'm not here, puleeease!
by dk March 02, 2005
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A poor sap with delusions of granduer who works 80-hour weeks at a dot com.
The dot-commer kept bragging about his impressive stock options
by dk December 27, 2004
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