The newest AND most recently released iPod (As of 09/17/2007). iPod is taken to the next generation... of the current generation. Similar to an Apple iPhone, it has a touchscreen iPod (of its center of attention). Its other features included are maps, Safari (web browser), YouTube, and a few more. It's highly similar to the iPhone, but does not include PHONE-related features.
That iPod Touch is so cool! It's like I have an iPhone, but I can't talk to people with it! Just what I needed!
by DunKSme September 17, 2007
(noun) a decent music player that usualy used for it internet pornagraphy capabilities among teenagers
Bill: "Hey dude, i got grounded for being caught watchin porn on my PC"
Bob: "that sux i just watch porn on my ipod touch and not get caught."
Bill: "fuck you"
by smokey-mcpot February 4, 2009
If the iPods were on a TV show, the iPod Touch would definetly be the breakout character. It recently began to out-sell the Nano, making it one of the most popular portable media devices of all-time.
(iPod Classic is in the role of a single father living in San Francisco, the Nano and Touch are the two teenage siblings, and the Shuffle is the baby brother)

iPod Classic: Children! I have someone for you to meet! This your new adopted teenage brother, the iPod Touch!
(Laugh track goes "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!")
iPod Touch: It's a pleasure to meet you all!
iPod Nano: I don't want an older sibling! (starts crying and runs upstairs, and eats so much that it gets fat)
iPod Shuffle: I'm small and have no screen, but if you push down on my head, I can talk to you!
iPod Classic: Awww, he just said his first word!

(3 seasons later......)

iPod Classic: Wow iPod Touch, you're so awesome and cool that you were able to to turn the iPod Nano into a small piece of shit that can't even play videos! No wonder you're the most popular iPod!
by "The iPods" Executive Producer November 20, 2010
I was scammed on ebay. I seriuosly thought the iPod Touch was an iPhone
by SoMePeRs0n/guy, November 21, 2007
The most amazing thing in the world next to the iPhone

you can browse the internet, listen to music, watch videos, view maps (i think) and all while bragging about it to your friends.
iPod nano+iPhone-camera-phone function+robber target=iPod Touch
by iLIKEipods June 29, 2010
A super skinny iPod that can slip between the cracks in a couch, causing it to be lost for hours. This may cause people to flip the fuck out, literally cry like real liquid tears, and break lamps. If the girlfriend is the reason it got lost, it may result in both parties getting negative ass.
iPod touch owner: "dude i have to move the couch to find my iPod"
House owner: "alright, move the couch right into the fucking glass table!@!#$^&*"

iPod Touch owner: Wah wah wah!!!!!

Everyone else in the house: "Hhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha"
by Chorg October 19, 2009
The once thriving, now dying piece of tech from Apple which hasn't been updated since 2015. Instead of being $1100 like the iPhones, the iPod Touch is $200. The cheapest product still alive.
Oh, you have an iPod Touch? I didn't know you actually have no brain.
by October 30, 2018