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Best excuse for a long weekend. Ever.
What a waste of money, time, horses... but still, the Melbourne Cup gets me 2 extra days off school in November!
by highway to mel March 15, 2006
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Australia's biggest and richest horse race. The nation stops at 3:10 on the 1st Tuesday of November to watch 'The Cup'.
Won in 2003 by 'Makybe Diva'. Ridden by Glen Boss.
by Diego November 05, 2003
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Holding a testical in each hand while performing felatio.

The trophy from which it takes its name has three handles.
Last time I was in Sydney I was invited into the toilets for a Melbourne Cup.
by Milliways November 04, 2013
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When a person smuggles Ketamine pills to a nightclub/festival inside a bucket hat.
"How are out getting the stuff in man?" "I'm Melbourne Cupping it"

"Matt is our Melbourne Cup for the day"
by Fu_Manchu November 30, 2013
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Makybe Diva was 9/1.
$300 000 Bet = $2 400 000 - Outlay
by Diego November 06, 2003
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