32 definition by D'emon

n. One who becomes promiscuous on an annual basis at the office Christmas party.
Dude 1: Gonna get lucky at the office Christmas party?

Dude 2: Dunno, who's gonna be there?

Dude 1: HOHOHO
by D'emon March 20, 2003

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(v.) Pubic defoliant. Agent orange applied to the patch.
(see Apocalypse Now)
Grab the remmington, I'm goin' Viet Cong on dat biatch cuz it be time to mow that lawn and clear me a landing strip. 747-Heavy cumming in fast!
by D'emon November 13, 2002

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v. To shoot the goo, blow your load, fire your wad, or cum on another's face.
Damn! I done splurged a wicked facial on that hoe.
by D'emon November 05, 2002

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v. To knock-off someone.

See also whack
Benito stole another of my bitches so I'm gonna off that mothercunter pimp !
by D'emon November 07, 2002

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n. An underground party featuring a distinctive style of music, dress, dance and visual effects in combination with open sexual behaviour and psychedelic chemicals such as ecstacy.
Dude. Too much X makes you a raving lunatic.
by D'emon November 26, 2002

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(glyph). A vampire sperm smiley.
A: Quick, cover your neck! Look out for that sperm!

B: Huh? What sperm?

(w)--- <Splooey>

A/B: Aghhhhhhhhhh
by D'emon November 08, 2002

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n. The trail(s) of substances discharged from some human orifice and remaining as a legacy on some surface.

Dude. Puddles left skidmarks on my floor again! Dirty hoe!
by D'emon March 20, 2003

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