To not wear a face mask when it is required.
Greg, put ur damn face panties on!! You know you can’t walk around the office going commando!
by BBQFreak August 6, 2021
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If a person is 'going commando', they are not wearing any underwear.

It is called 'going commando' because of an old practice in the army, where, so you didn't shit your underwear in battle, you didn't wear any - and therefore could boast that you didn't shit your pants.

Also a known cure for vpl.
"I'm gonna wear those really tight shorts and go commando to show off my bulge."
by Umbongo - England April 1, 2003
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1. Wearing pants without boxers.
2. The coolest video game ever! Also called Ratchet & Clank 2. (The name is a joke)
1. I don't have any clean boxers left, so I guess I'll be going commando today.
2. I want to play Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando NOW because it's the best game ever!
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In Photography, It refers to not having a protective UV filter attached to the front glass element of a DSLR camera lens. A lens without one runs a higher risk of being scratched or broken due to it being dropped, flying debris or hit up against something.
I know you just got that 70-200mm lens, but you can't go into an Occupy Wall Street protest going commando without a filter on it. What if the police move in or protesters start throwing things?
by GenVirtu December 3, 2011
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