32 definition by D'emon

n. Figuratively, a huge downpour of shit; not to be confused with an actual dump as experienced by a headshitter
Dude, I fucked up large. Now I'm gonna face a gale force shit storm!
by D'emon November 07, 2002

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(Adj.) A coating of ejactulate upon a surface.
Nice aim! The fuckin' Wigga did a window glaze again, dude!

Sorry man! I missed my biatch
by D'emon November 13, 2002

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v. When a person's tongue drifts down to a woman's anus, on purpose or by accident, during an intense session of cunnilingus.

Credit: Dan Savage (Savage Love)
"Man, I was so drunk I didn't even realize I was savaging her butthole! It was cunnilingual drift, dude!"
by D'emon July 18, 2003

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v. The act where one masterbates through speech, taking great personal pleasure by listening to one's self drone on endlessly.
I can't stand listening to that geek's verbal masterbation; will someone please stuff a log in the fucker's mouth!
by D'emon November 05, 2002

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n. A particularly carnivorous male package.
Later Dude. I'm gonna take my knobosaurus out hunting for some fresh meat!
by D'emon November 26, 2002

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n. The product (offspring) of anal intercourse.
I made a mud baby wif ma bitch las nite.
by D'emon November 05, 2002

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n. Pharmaceuticals courier.
Dude, Pedro the mule just checked in. Let's 420 !
by D'emon November 07, 2002

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