Maher means ''an expert'' in Arabic and it is used as a name in Arab countries.
I'm going out with Maher.
by InfoGeek November 20, 2018
Most amazing person in the world, all the girls want him, so layed back doesn't give a shit about nothing.
by Imthatchick9822 November 5, 2015
Typically a person who never makes any type of dumb comment, and thus, is the smartest person in all his or her classes.

A naturally smart person.
"Hey did you hear Joe got a 35 on his ACT?"
Friend, "Yeah, it's understandable, he's a Maher".
by dreamteam122 January 27, 2012
An individual with an enormous heart that can be shy yet stubborn and get a thrill out of arguing. Loves attention and gambling just for fun. Family comes first and will do anything to make sure that happens. Loves sex and porn as well as being more than amazing in bed.
Gave this guy Maher my number never called so I got his number and called him, intentions of sleeping with him but fell in love with him
by Mikayladanser February 3, 2010
A type of ninja who makes tea.
"Hey man, check out that Maher! He's making tea."
by crazedmel January 28, 2008
A person that believes that hitler invented sex
by Lasse johansen December 25, 2017
a type of fish that is as ferocious as a shark but is the size of a gold-fish. It typically resides in a fish bowl
Philip: Hey look at my Maher (he says as he sticks his finger in the bowl and the fish bites it)
Philip: Ow!
Melody: Haha Don't mess with a Maher
by MHPCML May 21, 2009