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The study of UFOs (unidentified flying objects). Topics of interest include UAPs (unexplained aerial phenomenon) and ETs (extraterrestrials). Efforts may include research of reported cases, interviewing contactees, and actual field work (visiting report sites of sightings and contact, to seek evidence or to initiate contact).
My hobby is ufology. I spend far too much money on night-vision cameras and warm outdoor clothing.
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by jadepraerie May 14, 2018
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1. Honest scientific study and debate of extraterrestrial visitation to earth. 2. Any of the UFO based religions (Raëlism, Scientology, Heaven's Gate, and a cluster fuck of others) that are growing. 3. A conspiracy of profiteers, that fabricate evidence of extraterrestrial visitation of earth.
1. Most of the science based ufology groups, are honest free thinkers.

2. You thought Jesus freaks were bad, look out for ufology churches.

3. Watch out for ufology hustlers, selling far eastern shit for a 1000% profit.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 17, 2010
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