A horrible dead end place where you'll be constantly suffocated by snow or the most disheartening form of human apathy imaginable. Every store here is a filthy, run down, redneck variant of it's other US counterparts. And at every turn in your life, the people that run half of them find new ways to fail you. The population consists of entirely of miserable boring old people and the poor misfortune souls who'd rather be somewhere else. Nobody grows into anything here, nobody is visibly happy, nobody has anywhere to go or meet up. You have potholes and shoprites almost exclusively. The people here almost seem like they're waiting to die and preoccupy the time they have alive completely deadened. Like these small towns are some sort of living lovecraftian entity that feeds off the shattered dreams and boredom of their residents until they are reduced to crumbling husks who just don't care about anything anymore. Deciding to screw over every other person around.
And Frodo drew his eyes to the proximal left of Sauron's Tower, upon the sad and dreary state of the Poconos. To see century old goblins with rotting teeth and glazed over eyes, bartering money for broken yet overpriced products and still he chose to walk up the volcano because the alternative just wasn't worth it.
by WorldsSaddestScallion March 28, 2022
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A part of North Eastern Pennsylvania , MONROE COUNTY. Not Pike County , which consists of people who drive to Jersey to go to KFC and 1 walmart. The Poconos is no other area around MONROE COUNTY. The Poconos consists on New Yorkers who are trying to live the "good life" and wiggers. it is seriously about 70% black/hispanic. Whites are the minority here. Theres too many drugs you can buy anywhere if you know how. There is alot of ghetto though theres ALOT of rich people. They all live far in the woods though.
Theres alot of resorts and hotels and fuunnn things to dooo , and soon to be casinos.
the big black guys at the casino theatre in Mt. Pocono are drug dealers. The Poconos is where lots of dirty people who left their shitty cities came.
by L0VERLYY. July 6, 2006
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Monroe County in Pennsylvania, consisting of Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, Mount Pocono. There are a few others like Tannersville, Bartonsville and Snydersville, but I'm not going to get into that. It is right over the border from New Jersey. A TON of people from Jersey and New York are all coming to the Poconos. It is one of the most diverse places you will ever go. There is very much equality, though the schools are kind of racist. It's nice here, everyone knows everyone. There's not really much to do if your not creative. You have to make your own fun here. It's safe to raise your kids here. Blue Mountain Lake and Penn Estates are two very common residential communities that people live in. Penn Estates is the lower medium and Blue Mountain Lake is the higher medium to semi wealthy. The people who have lived here their whole lives don't like the New Yorkers and Jersey people moving in, and they pretty much despise us. But we outnumber them in ridiculous odds. In a few years, this will turn into a city because SOOOOOOO many people keep moving in. Alot of the shopping centers are brand new because they're trying to keep up with the expansion. There's alot of land, so if your looking to build a house... It's perfect!
1: Where are you from?
2: I'm from New York.
1: Really, what part?
2: the Bronx.
1: Oh, I'm from Jersey!
2: Well I guess we're on the same page because we both live in the Poconos.
by nooworries June 24, 2009
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1. from the indian word meaning (boring land of drugs and snow),
2. a place where the mob dumps their victims
my crew in my town dont know when to stop, thats why pocono backwards is o-no-cop.
by mozez the wise December 14, 2004
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Tokyo drifting influenced racing, in which highly intoxicated drivers race cars on icy and snowy roads and force the cars into a oversteer. The driver's must consume a cup of hot brandy, one joint of marjuana and 50 mg of Seroquel, thirty minutes prior to racing. All cars must be rear wheel drive only.
winner: I won the Monroe County Pocono Drift-A-Thon.

reporter: What did you win?

winner: Pocono drifting! Yeeeeaaaaaah!

reporter: No. What prize did you win?

winner: That's a good fucking question.
by Pocono Joe May 31, 2011
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This town and neighboring ones such as Tobyhanna and Tannersville help make up the northern region of The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Mt. Pocono is The Armpit of Pennsylvania. with ridiculous cost of living and a tourist economy, it boasts NOTHING to do on Saturday night. Making travel plans? Anywhere but here.
Mt Airy casino is in Mt. Pocono, Pa.
by Sareigha Ratelle February 20, 2016
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When you do a poor job of wiping your ass after a big shit, and you're left with a stain in your underpants that looks like an aerial view of a mountain range.
"Bro I only had 1 sheet of toilet paper left, I got a huge Pocono streak in my boxers now"

"I accidentally sharted in my pants and now I have a Pocono streak to clean up"
by Gary Longwood March 21, 2018
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