7 definitions by Cornelius Gotchberg

Tweaking the nipple region with a thumb and fore finger.
The Gotch gave Mikey a Purple Herman for taking the last piece of pizza.
by Cornelius Gotchberg June 6, 2015
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The process of ensuring generational stupidity through indoctrinating education in order to develop an easily herded, hive-minded, imbecilic Idiocracy.

(definition summitted by Cornelius Gotchberg)
It's not DickLess's fault he's a mouth breathing moron, Indoctrication from an early age did that.
by Cornelius Gotchberg May 16, 2022
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A female Teacher that dresses like a 'tart,' drawing the hormone-infused interest of her adolescent, immature, shallow male students, and likely that of their fathers as well.
'Did you see that tight sweater Ms. Lee-Harvey was poured into today? What a Teatart!'
by Cornelius Gotchberg July 29, 2015
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The philosophical RAZOR that maintains you should never attribute to inebriation which may be adequately explained by monumental imbecility.
Dick Less's latest idiotic post is a textbook example of The Gotch's Razor
by Cornelius Gotchberg December 17, 2018
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A chronic, sometimes acute, intellectually, spiritually, existentially, & psychologically debilitating condition that affects privileged sub-sets of the human race that have been led to believe by White Lefty Guilt suffocated SJW's and assorted other nutless wonder Lefties, that they're a preferred status/protected class.

Toxic Victimology leads sufferers to believe their shit doesn't stink, ergo, they're not beholden to the societal constraints imposed upon the great unwashed.
Jussie Smollett suffers from severe Toxic Victimology.
by Cornelius Gotchberg March 6, 2019
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A group of Lefty beta snowflake pussies that collectively weenie-whine their way into the news by whimpering inconsolably about some social justice bullshit about which NO ONE cares but them.
That WAHVALANCHE protesting about the cultural appropriation of those real real hurtful Halloween costumes? What a bunch of LOSERS!
by Cornelius Gotchberg February 4, 2019
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Zoltar Zinger:

A monumental laser-focused bitch-slapping zinger issued by Zoltar Speaks!, or a fellow traveler.
That reply from Zoltar Speaks! was a merciless gob-smacking and utterly devastating Zoltar Zinger!
by Cornelius Gotchberg January 22, 2019
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