DJ for the Satellite Radio-Only (unless your in Baltimore and listen to 99.1 HFS) techno music show, "Subterranean". Is also known as "Zoltar, The Brother From Another Planet". Subterranean can be listened to on satellite radio on "The System" or on Saturday nights on 99.1 HFS in Baltimore, Maryland. Subterranean comes on from 12:00 to 2:00 in the morning.
Man did you hear that new song Zoltar hit up on the radio? That was tight!
by NateAbel December 31, 2005
Brandon Fontaine, the creature commonly known as Zoltar. Some doubt his existence is real because of how much of a complete piece of shit he is. But yet his bullshit clearly effects those around him, leaving them wondering if this is reality. He is a textbook narcissist and completely delusional, but delusional would give him too much credit, because he is well aware the shit that comes out of his mouth is bullshit. His disgusting lifestyle makes gollum look civilized. Should you ever encounter this creature, beware, for such a great intelligent successful person, he will con you into rides and anything else with no care of inconveniencing anyone. But should you encounter it, make sure to ask him how he killed 40 people for the Irish mob. I promise you, you will either piss yourself laughing or lose faith that this is reality. I would rather go thru the rest of my life in government level white torcher than ever listen to his voice again.
No there was no accident, my ears are bleeding from listening to Zoltar talk
by leviathan9x May 18, 2019
Zoltar Zinger:

A monumental laser-focused bitch-slapping zinger issued by Zoltar Speaks!, or a fellow traveler.
That reply from Zoltar Speaks! was a merciless gob-smacking and utterly devastating Zoltar Zinger!
by Cornelius Gotchberg January 22, 2019