ONe without having a male sex organ or one that lacks courage.
Cletus is DICKLESS because he doesn't want to step up to that hottie.
by fun-o-bunz August 13, 2003
1)No Balls
2)Someone who has no dick
3)Pussy little sissy boy
Bill, you are a "Dickless" coward, grow a dick.

Tim, you no balls fuck.. First things first. I know you have a dick, but you need to get a new one. Only this time, get one that has some balls attached to it.
by Jello December 17, 2004
A person with no genitals or dick 'literally' . A man who is ashamed for obvious reasons to show whatevers lurking underneath his pants.
Sal vitale is a dickless guy whos afraid to show anybody his stump.
by feefce January 14, 2008
She did not enjoy since i became dickless
by Wigu2209 April 10, 2019
One who is stupid and who you lack respect for which in turn leads to them being dickless.
Some nigga just cut me off. Therefor he is Dickless.
by Sean209 December 30, 2009
One who has no dick; or having no Prick.Prickless
"Keith Gordon of Springfield, Mass. is Dickless."
by yo'baby's momma September 24, 2004