One who stages a scenario in order to gain either positive recognition and/or sympathy, usually at the expense of anyone but themselves and/or their friends. See also Jussie Smolletted.
Yo, that dude got an award for his work on the case and we all got reprimanded. He didn’t do shit.

What can we say? He Jussie Smolletted us.

They’re letting you go? You gotta Jussie Smollett them.
by Bide_01 February 21, 2019
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When a guy beats your dick so hard, he has to lie to the world.
Police: Sir, did you beat this guys dick and pour bleach on it?
Suspect: No way, man. I would never give a Jussie Smollett!
by Gaysofthunder69 February 5, 2019
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A current day Narcissus, that like the original, will drown and die thanks to his egocentrism.
To go to any extreme in order to get attention without thinking of the potential consequences.
Trevor Noah: Jussie Smollett deserves an Emmy for 'GMA' interview
by Professor grandmaster G February 20, 2019
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A wealthy homosexual black man that paid a couple of brothers from Nigeria to fake a hate crime against him for being wealthy homosexual and black. He paid to have the brothers insult and slander his employer that gave him his wealth as well as lunging homosexual and racial hate speech which were lies he spoon-fed to the nation in multiple interviews and social media posts claiming the "perpetrators" were in alliance with the then current 2019 presidential regime by dropping their political slogan "MAGA" during the "hate crime." He managed to fool many people in power and activists including but not limited to: BLM, LGBTQ, President Joseph Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders member of the Senate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez member of the House of Representatives, Lori Lightfoot Mayor of Chicago, even the 45th President Donald Trump... all of the listed people consoled and supported Jussie after the "attack." His political and publicity fueled hoax was thwarted by the Chicago Justice system thanks to the police noticing Jussie refusing to drop a Subway sandwich all while "being beaten and having bleach being poured on him. " Many people would've dropped said sandwich seeking refuge during such an attack but him having the sandwich unscathed was suspicious to the police and warranted further investigation that paved a road to uncover the enormous lie.
Lying about being a victim of a hate crime publicly to gain publicity and push one's own narrative.

In 2016, Marcus Owens; a Naperville, IL resident and a freshman from the University of Iowa pulled a "Jussie Smollett."

Owens went on multiple news interviews claiming he'd been a victim of a racist fueled physical attack by three white men while hurling racist slurs as he was walking home from a bar. However, after reviewing surveillance footage and talking to multiple witnesses, the Iowa City Police Department and the FBI determined that Owens was involved in multiple altercations the night of April 30 and going into May 1; he'd been the cause of these altercations.
by Big Mac & Whopper December 11, 2021
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When you eat a girl out after you take out your dentures.
My dude Gary will give you the best Jussie Smollett yo.
by Give me a high Fife October 23, 2019
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Small insignificant b-list ballsack or scrotum that desires to glisten with moisture from semen and/or saliva in order to appear juicy.
Allah no i can neva 4git dat lil gay nigga n da way he did teabag me wit his sackalicious jussie smollette
by Juissy Smallsette April 6, 2019
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Lying / Making up stories in hope of receiving more attention or “clout” and sympathy and not knowing when to stop when you’ve got caught .
I can’t believe it , the whole thing is fake ?! He’s Pulling A Jussie Smollett !”
by Ikirstyy February 21, 2019
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